If you are a customer of BNP Paribas Real Estate and wish to report any dissatisfaction or complaint, please approach your usual business contact or the person in charge of customer complaints.

BNP Paribas Group is committed to strict compliance with laws and regulations and to enforce the rules set out in the Group's Code of Conduct.
The whistleblowing system, accessible from this page, allows you to report information about a crime or an offence, a threat or harm to the public interest, a violation or an attempt to conceal a violation of applicable and binding law (laws, regulations, etc.) or a breach of the Group's Code of Conduct.
Whistleblowing reports are handled by independent Human Resources and Compliance experts in a confidential manner and in accordance with the regulations in force.
Whistleblowers are granted protection against the risk of retaliation provided by local applicable law.
Any abuse of the whistleblowing system may expose the reporting person to disciplinary sanctions or prosecution, on the other hand, the use of the system in good faith will not expose the reporting person to any disciplinary sanction, even if the reported facts were afterward proven inaccurate or would not give rise to any follow-up.



Reports are treated confidentially, your identity will be protected. Not giving us the opportunity to contact you again may limit our ability to investigate the facts you report.

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